Raw Ideas 6 sept Site & Industry

Conference RAW Ideas Friday Sept 6 in SLITE on the island of Gotland!

Site & Industry

 Raw ideas initiated to create, modify and select Gotland as an inspirational and effective meeting place for design and creativity related to raw materials with sustainable development as a starting point. Study tour  with an architect and seminar

-                      Ewa Gołębiowska, Director of Zamek Cieszyn. The castle in Poland at the Czech border, she has made to a meeting place for designers, artists and manufacturers. Here she runs incubators in design, exhibitions, tourist office while she works to develop traditional industries.

-                      Hedvig Hedqvist, Journalist. Ludvig Svensson a 125 years old textile factory in Sweden and the history of meeting crises with openminded ideas, research and innovative technique”.

-                      Dominic Power,  Professor in Econimical Geography “Where does place and industry meet: linking culture and industry”

-                      Kerstin Wickman, Professor emiratus in desgin and craftmanship. “When the periphery becomes the center. The local's power to create the new”.

-                      Håkan Widjedal, Architectstudio Widjedal Racki. Represent Sweden at La Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2012

Johanna Skantze,  director at Generator Sweden, moderator of the afternoon.