Iceland: Entrepreneurship in Arts education in the Nordic countries


The arts, culture and design fields have a vast potential to contribute to society - yet a large number of students find it hard to leverage their potential and skills after graduating:

  •  How do we strengthen the ability of the students to create sound working lives – finding multiple ways of applying their skills?
  • How do we leverage artistic potential and skills through entrepreneurship?

In 2012, educators and educational planners from the Nordic arts and design schools gathered to share knowledge, inspiration and experience on entrepreneurship. Five workshops will be held during the autumn of 2013 to build on this momentum. These workshops are designed to be of value both to those who have participated before and to newcomers.

 And we would really like to have you participate!

The five workshops will be held in different Nordic countries. You are welcome to choose a workshop in a country other than your own.

The workshops will include films and stories of what works. The idea is to fuel interaction between the participants and draw from the experiences of the group. The aims of the workshops are to:

  • Identify ways to strengthen the ability and courage of the students to apply their artistic abilities in a broad range of settings
  • Fuel motivation and knowledge sharing among educators and education planners about  integrating entrepreneurship into their courses
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurial learning
  • Create a wide variety of collaborations across schools, subjects and countries

The workshops in Iceland and Finland are in English, the others will be facilitated in a mix of English and Danish as it suits the participants best.

For more information on the workshops contact

Margrete Bak:  / +45 70 23 03 03 / +45 40 26 42 37

Mette Marie Karlberg:  / +45 70 23 03 03 / +45 61 68 55 64


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