The GEOfood project aims to strenghten cooperation between Geoparks and local SME´S in the food and tourism sectors. The...

More about Viking textiles from a talk at Osterøy museum

Tone S. Tobiasson (NO)

For a Viking sail one needed a minimum of 200 sheep (with ca 2 kilos wool pr head). A sail being 90 m2, spinning the thread...

Nordic Lighthouse Project Cross Sector


Nordisk Innovation har defineret en række fyrtårnsprojekter for fremtidens nordiske innovationsindsats. Et af indsatsområderne er de kreative...

VikingGold into a new phase

Tone S. Tobiasson (NO)

During the recent workshop in Oslo (September 4th), decisions were made for the further development of the spinning of the Old Spæl sheep wool...

VikingGull – milepelsrapport fra workshop ved Kulturhistorisk museums magasin

Ingvild Svorkmo Espelien (NO)

En workshop ble arrangert på Kulturhistorisk museum i Oslo, for å løse praktiske utfordringer omkring spinning og veving av en rekonstruksjon av...

VikingGold: New possibilities

Tone S. Tobiasson (NO)

A recent visit to the Heathland Center at Lygre in Norway brought about a discussion that could be fruitful for the VikingGold project.


VikingGold mounts some hurdles

Tone S. Tobiasson (NO)

Having hit a major hurdle in the VikingGold project, the value chain and the project partners had a chance to meet during Norwegian Fashion Hub in...

VikingGold day in Oslo


A full day exploring Viking textiles belonging to the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo with designers, sheep farmer and research project-...

Visit to Osterøy museum and Hillesvåg woolen mill


As a continuation of the research trip to Shetland, the group of textile researchers and designers travelled on to the Bergen area and visited the...

VikingGold Research Trip to Shetland


The aim of the trip was to study how indigenous wool and local traditions are used today, and how this is the base for business-models and tourism...

Finnish Games Industry has been growing dramatically during the past couple of y...


In Q3/2013 Finnish game industry consists of more than 200 companies. Significant part of the companies develop mobile games, but there is...

En ny rapport från Finland – Branschrapporterna om företagsverksamheten i kreati...


Inom kreativa branscher arbetar sammanlagt 37 789 personer. Branschen omsatte totalt 5,4 miljarder euro år 2012. Den har vuxit avsevärt under de...

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