Short-term loan – features and offers!

  Credit products enjoy uninterrupted popularity. What is worth noting, we usually reach for a short-term loan. According to research by the Bank Association, short-term loans are preferred by as much as 91 percent of respondents. We don’t want to pay back the cash loan for years. We prefer to pay the debt quickly and

Leasing loan – for whom? Is it worth it?

A leasing loan is a way of financing an enterprise that combines the best features of credit and leasing. It is granted by leasing companies for the purchase of machinery, equipment and vehicles. Its amount is influenced by the borrower’s leasing capacity. The minimum duration of an operating lease is usually 2-3 years. Leasing loans

Which is better – credit or loan?

  Cash loans are financial products offered by banks. Thanks to them, the borrower can obtain funds for any purpose, ie for renovation of an apartment, new furniture, household appliances or electronics or for a trip abroad or buying professional training courses. In this case, the bank will not require a declaration on what funds

Credit for the immigrant

Many citizen are educated and earn abroad, but most of them plan to return to the country. Earned money often invest in real estate in the country. Just like foreigners living and working in our country. The loan for a person who works abroad A loan for a person earning abroad is already a norm at

What is a mortgage loan?

  A mortgage is a loan from a bank to buy an apartment. The collateral for this loan is an apartment for which the loan is rams. The fact that the flat is a loan collateral means that if the loan obligation is not repaid on time, the bank may take over the property. A