Seneste nyt
05. feb 2015 / Nyhed
I 2015 lanceres fyrtårnsprojektet ”Kultur och kreativitet för tillväxt” i regi af Nordic Innovation. Dette projekt skal udvikle det nordiske samarbejde om de kulturelle og kreative erhverv, og bygge videre på den nordiske platform og erfaringer med samarbejde på tværs...
GEO food (NO)
20. mar 2015 / Indlæg
Last 17 March Magma Geopark and the chef Rune Løyning, met at the University of Stavanger producers, in order to make pilot GEOmenus to be included in the tourist offer. The idea is to create possible food combinations to be included into the Magma Geopark tourist...
Tone Skårdal Tobiasson
28. feb 2015 / Indlæg
We have visited Krivi Vev in Tingvoll (a “thing site” since Viking times, the site itself is believed to have been where Tingvoll church today stands). This is a perfect link for our VikingGold project, and for the weaving of the actual fabric for the design-challenge...
Nordic Design Impact (DK)
11. feb 2015 / Nyhed
At the recent conference in project Nordic Design Impact, experts, partners, and participants shared their views on challenges, international marketing, and the future prospects for Nordic design cooperation. Watch the video via the link HERE  
Nordic Design Impact (DK)
21. jan 2015 / Indlæg
The recent expert workshop in Nordic Design Impact raised a number central questions regarding the characteristics of new Nordic design. It also pinpointed the relevance of aesthetics, sustainability, and online design visibility as paths to be pursued in order to...
GEO food (NO)
19. jan 2015 / Event
Magma Geopark ( Norway), leader of GEOfood project, will run the meeting with food users tomorrow in Egersund.   The meeting is the second step of the local phase aimed to explore the local possibilities for Geo menus.  The other GEOfood partners are having...
Nordens kreativa ansikte

Project manager for the project “Food & Creative Industries “ within the New Nordic Food program. Food as a cultural element and as a creative industry is a new creative area with great cultural and economic growth potential, often based on cross-creative collaboration. But there are many...